Penfield Family Genealogy
July 2015 Edition
Paul Penfield, Jr.
The Major Line presented in this genealogy is 14 generations of descendants of Samuel Penfield (1652/1653–1711).

There are also five minor lines, headed by Francis Penfield (1816–1864), John Penfield (ca 1860–1890), Frederick Penfield (1852–1928), Pompey Penfield (ca 1805-1890), and William B. Penfield (ca 1813-bef 1880).

Descendants of these six people are organized into the six family branches described below.

The Penfield Family Genealogy Home Page describes this project and the sources, coverage, and accuracy of the information reported here.
This Web genealogy contains 10883 family pages, 5253 showing a couple and 5630 a single person (2933 male and 2654 female and 43 with unknown sex).

These 10883 family pages arrange 15289 different people (7712 male and 7534 female and 43 with unknown sex) into their genealogical relationships, and mention, without details, other parents or children. Of these 15289 people 4446 are believed to be living so information about them is withheld to protect their privacy.

These 15289 people include 5627 with no spouse, 8911 with one spouse, and some with more spouses: 686 with 2; 49 with 3; 12 with 4; 1 with 5; and 3 with 6.
In this genealogy 6 family Branches (sometimes called Lines or Pedigrees) are defined. Each branch is one person (the Hub) together with his or her Ancestors, or Descendants, or both. Members of a branch (and optionally their spouses) are labeled to show which branch(es) they are in and their relationship to the Hub. This provides visitors a useful aid to navigation.

Branch Hub Ancestors Descendants
Major Line Samuel Penfield   9705
13 Generations
Minor Line 1 Francis Penfield   74
4 Generations
Minor Line 2 John Penfield   24
3 Generations
Minor Line 3 Frederick Penfield 1
1 Generation
3 Generations
Minor Line 4 Pompey Penfield   63
5 Generations
Minor Line 5 William B. Penfield   132
7 Generations